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After 76 Years Spanning Three Generations of Serving The Communities of Northern Ohio, Owners of Squires Roofing & Construction Have Decided To Close Their Doors and Join the Franciscus Incorporated Staff


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Franciscus-Squires Home Improvements - Press Release

After 76 Years Spanning Three Generations of Serving The Communities of Northern Ohio, Owners of Squires Roofing & Construction Have Decided To Close Their Doors and Join Franciscus Incorporated.

  • Every now and then a simple conversation between two CEO’s of competing companies manifests itself into something that ultimately benefits the homeowners of the communities they serve. That is exactly what happened when Lee Franciscus, CEO of Franciscus, Inc. and Jeff Koehler of Squires Roofing sat down for lunch one afternoon.
  • In probably one of the most significant moves in northern Ohio’s roofing and home improvement industry over the last 50 years, Jeff and Chris Koehler of Squires Roofing Company and Squires Construction have decided to close their doors and join the Franciscus family under the name Franciscus-Squires Home Improvements.
  • Squires Roofing is Northeast Ohio’s longest running, family-owned roofing company and over the past 76 years they have helped over 250,000 households stay warm, dry and cozy with new roofs. Following in their father and grandfather’s footsteps, Jeff and Chris Koehler have been part of the company for nearly 50 years.
  • The Franciscus ownership and management team consists of Lee Franciscus, CEO, his wife Angela Franciscus, C.F.O. and Tom Schlund, C.O.O. They have always held three priorities high for Franciscus, Inc. Provide the customer with the best possible value for their hard earned dollar, stand behind their products/services, and provide their staff with a work-life balance everyone deserves.
  • “I was brought up and taught to never buy the least expensive product or service, never buy the most expensive product or service, but to always find the best value in a product or service…..and that’s exactly what Franciscus-Squires will continue to offer our customers, the strongest value available in roofing and home improvements,” says Schlund.
  • Over the years Franciscus Incorporated has offered programs to area residents such as the Free Roof Give Away and fund raising programs. These programs along with the youth sports sponsorships have allowed them to become known as “not only a contractor in the community, but part of the community.” The addition of the Koehler brothers to the team only magnifies this sentiment, with both Jeff and Chris being extremely active in the community as well.
  • This unprecedented move solidifies Franciscus-Squires Home Improvements as possibly the first company in northern Ohio to have a staff with over 100 years of combined experience in residential roofing and energy saving home improvements.
  • “I told Lee (Franciscus), his company was the only competitor that has shown enough integrity and honest business practices over the years that I would trust with our 76 year old namesake and feel comfortable working with,” says Koehler.
  • Franciscus states “I’m honored that Jeff approached me with this idea. I was actually a canvasser for him and his dad back in the day before Franciscus Roofing was even a thought! The value we will bring to the homeowners and business owners in the communities we serve and the impact we will have on the home improvement industry in the region is beyond exciting!”
  • Franciscus C.O.O., Tom Schlund adds, “Squires Roofing was the company all other roofing companies in northern Ohio aspired to be, I know we certainly did! The opportunity to have the Koehlers join our sales force, and in turn, adding their generational logo to ours is something I’m proud to be a part of!”
  • The change brings together true veterans of the roofing and home improvement industry from both Franciscus and Squires who possess strong skills in management, production, workmanship, marketing, and customer service.
  • “Year after year, decade after decade, homeowners have had confidence and trust in both the Franciscus and Squires names,” says Schlund, “and I believe that although Squires Roofing and Squires Construction have closed their doors, the fact that the Koehler brothers will be able to continue to provide roofing services to the community within our company, coupled with our combined experience and reputations, will provide a peace of mind to homeowners and business owners that will be unrivaled for many years to come.”
  • “And it will be all under one roof!” adds Koehler, smiling at his intended pun.
  • For more information on Franciscus-Squires Home Improvements or for a free estimate, please call 440.353.3141 or 1.866.STAY.DRY or visit their website at

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About Squires Roofing

Squires Repairs Leaky Roofs

The Start Of Squires Roofing

Squires Roofing is a legacy company in Northeast Ohio. Founded in 1940 by Gene and Jerry Squires out of one pickup truck, the company built a reputation for their quality work and unprecedented customer service. During the post WWII housing boom, Gene and Jerry were responsible for roofing entire neighborhoods throughout Cleveland. A friend of Gene and Jerry, Harold Koehler, joined the Squires team as a Sales Manager in 1949. Harold built the company over the next five years and recruited his son in 1954 to beef up the sales division. With his skills in sales and personal relationships, Harold took squires to a new level, cementing it as a top roofing contractor. Harold remained an essential member of the Squires’ team until his passing in 1960. Keeping in family tradition, Jack eventually became President of the company.

We'll Be There For You

Squires Roofing is Northeast Ohio’s Longest Running, Family-Owned Roofing Company. The roof is a vital part of any family’s home. When shopping for a new roof, it is important to remember that a roof is an investment in the safety and well being of every individual that lives under it. That said, an experienced, trusted company with an outstanding reputation for customer service and craftsmanship should perform any roof repair or replacement. Squires Roofing is just that: A trusted, experienced, family-owned and operated company dedicated to the belief that all their customers in Cleveland, Akron and greater Northeast Ohio receive the highest quality roof, and roofing warranty, for their family’s home.

A Family Owned Legacy Company

Over the past 75 years, Squires Roofing has helped over 250,000 households stay warm, dry and cozy with new roofs. Continuing in their father and grandfather’s footsteps, Jeff and Chris Koehler now own and operate Squires Roofing. Jeff Koehler is the Vice President and Sales Manager, and Chris is the President and General Manager. Chris, as the general manager, works with the crews in scheduling and ensuring that the latest technology and materials in roofing are available for the customer’s advantage.

Northeast Ohio’s Most Reliable Residential Roofing Company

Squires Roofing is proud to say it is Ohio’s largest residential roofing company. Almost every street in Northeast Ohio has at least one Squires roof on it. Often times, Squires is responsible for generations of roofs. As homes are passed down through families, the Squires reputation follows the house. When a new roof is needed, the parents or grandparents tell their children whom to call to do the job right. It is a special thing to have maintained such a high regarded reputation in the city of Cleveland over all these years. The relationship the Koehler family has with the Cleveland roofing industry runs so strong that Chris was asked to lead a roofing seminar on the proper application of shingles and flat roofs for all 80 city building and housing inspectors.

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  • A Family-Owned Legacy Company
  • Doing Business Locally Since 1940
  • Northeast Ohio's Premiere Roofing Contractor
  • Guaranteed Long-Term Satisfaction

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