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Squires Roofs Are Known To Last Longer Than Other Roofs!
November 30th, 2016 3:39 pm     A+ | a-

Let Us Keep You Warm & Dry This Winter!

Squires Roofing - Since 1940!

As most of you may already know, Squires Roofing is a well-known family owned and operated Legacy Roofing Company in Northeast Ohio with over 75 years of experience in the industry. When homeowners and business owners choose Squires Roofing for your next roofing job, they'll be able to rest assured knowing that we've successfully kept families stay dry and warm through all of the seasons with well over 250,000 roof installation throughout Northeast Ohio! When you choose Squires Roofing, you can also rest assured knowing that we guarantee that you won't find many other roofing companies in Northeast Ohio who has successfully installed as many roofs as we have! Another benefit of choosing Squires Roofing for your next roofing needs is that our roofs have been well-known for outlasting the roofs of neighbors who didn't use Squires Roofing to get the job done!

At Squires Roofing, we could give you many different reasons why our roofs are known to last longer, but today, we're going to give you four of those reasons. They are as followed:

  • The Squires Roofing team utilizes the highest quality products, services, and customer service the roofing industry has to offer. Utilizing these high-quality products, services, and customer service are just a few of the various reasons why our roofs are known to last longer then others.
  • All of the shingles that are used by the Squires Roofing team contain the HIGHEST asphalt levels which is one of the many reasons why they are able to adjust better to the elements. When shingles adjust better to the elements, they end up with a longer lifespan.
  • At Squires Roofing, the shingles that we install are considerably heavier than most other roofing shingles which is one of the various reasons why our shingles are more resistant to wind lifting and blow-offs which is a common problem in Northeast Ohio.
  • Squires Roofing has employed the same crews for generations so you can rest assured knowing that our highly trained team has the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. Choosing Squires Roofing means that you can also rest assured knowing you'll get the best products and services all in one place!
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