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“…Thanks for scheduling my roof install with Bruce and his crew. The quality of their work is exceptional. I was impressed to see that Bruce’s attention to detail matched and at times exceeded my own expectations. I also noticed that his high standards are ingrained in his crew. There were no idle hands the entire four days they were here. And then, after four days of some fairly rotten conditions, they performed a jobsite clean-up that left no nail or scrap of roofing behind. Amazing! With no reservations whatsoever, I would recommend Bruce and his crew to anyone who asks.”
“… Squires owners and employees believe in giving a great service along with a great product. I am here to reassure you that the facts are indeed correct. Squires did not only put a roof on my house, but put a roof on my home for my family to be secure.”
“Congrats on the new location! Thank you so much for always taking care of our home. Your dedication and integrity is greatly appreciated!”
“… The workmanship and professionalism of all the crew members were evident. The roof is beautiful and the quality is high. I being a Real Estate Professional know quality when I see it. The work and materials are above and beyond. I would recommend Squires Roofing to anyone in need. Thank you again for a fine job!”
“…My husband and I found Mr. Dean to be a very articulate, dependable, professional who exceeded far beyond what we expected…I feel certain that you will be receiving telephone calls from our friends and neighbors to schedule their roof to be done…Squires Construction Company can be very proud that Mr. Dean works for them.”
“…We are exceptionally pleased with the installation of Squire’s interlocking shingles on our home and garage, by an especially fine team of solid gentlemen performing their assignment with the utmost efficiency and capabilities…Our small dull bathroom had no window or natural light, it is now embellished with a skylight, very professionally installed by Mr. Gaberiele into a satisfying and gratifying transformation.”
“…We want to thank you so very much for the beautiful new roof. Thanks to Mr. Kobie for making it affordable and thanks to the crew of people that made it look so good. The only thing bad is that it will be another 40 years before we will need another roof.”
“…We received word from the Building Department of the City of Middleburg Heights that the roof passed the final inspection by the City this week. In fact, it not only passed – the Chief Building Inspector told me that it was a very good job. Thank you again.”
“…We want to let you know that we love our new roof and how the job was done. The men who worked on our roof were very hard workers and very professional…They patiently answered all of our questions about every step of their work. We really appreciate that.”
“…This Thursday past your roofer, Bob, came out and performed a repair job on our old bungalow. He was professional in all his efforts and a real gentleman to talk to. I will need a new roof in the future and Squires will be at the head of the list.”
“…What a wonderful feeling it is to have a new roof overhead! Silence may be golden, but not when the job was outstanding. To watch the progress take place it became apparent it would not have been possible if it were not for the work of your roofing crew…We would recommend them to everyone.”
“…Thanks for the Good Job the men did. Now it’ll last another 20 years.”
“…it was quite a relief to simply turn this significant task over to your crews without concern for the quality of the end product…my wife and I are once again very satisfied with our new Squires roof. I am certain the roof your company installed on our previous home was an important reason we were recently able to achieve a prompt and fair sale of that property.”

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